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Content Duplication

Duplicate content

Many people ask themselves: “why am I not progressing in Google” ? One of the most common causes preventing a site from advancing to Google’s first result page is the existence of duplicated content within search engines. In SEO’s lingo this is known as: content duplication.

Very few website owners are aware of this problem and the dangers it presents. Even the official site for the queen of England suffers from this very issue. In order to demonstrate this, please visit both addresses:

Both links will lead you to the site’s home page, although they seemingly represent two different addresses. This is a classic example for content duplication.

Progressing in Google and Content Duplication, Where is the Problem?

This is one of the more complex technical issues known in site promotion and since most of the readers lack programming background, we will outline the phenomenon only in general terms:

The problem of content duplication occurs when search engines recognize identical content on different pages. Since the search engine usually doesn’t know who is the original source, and who “stole” the content, it “punishes” both of them and prefers to present the surfer with a different result of unique content.

The reasons for content duplication may vary. Here are a few examples:

  1. Malicious replication carried out by other websites who want quality content but aren’t willing to work hard for it. They copy the content from your site directly onto theirs. Google is not always able to decipher who the imitator is, and therefore “punishes” both sites with low results pages and even complete exclusion from the search results. Therefore: even when someone is copying off of your site- you are “at fault” and it can severely harm the Google advancement of your site.
  2. Innocent replication of identical content within the same site or across different ones. Sometimes this may be comprised of copying part of an article or an entire one. For instance, a site owner presenting the same article under different titles on different pages in the site. This is also considered to be content duplication, and Google has no way of knowing there was no foul play or who is the original page owner. Therefore, again – both pages are punished and this harms the ranking received by the site in the Google result pages.
  3. Problems in the site code may create content duplication – this is the most common phenomenon and the causes for it may vary. Many times there are hundreds or even thousands of copies for a certain page while the site owner remains completely oblivious to their existence since the site seems to function perfectly on the surface.
  4. Certain problems on the server level caused by an error or faulty settings which may cause content duplication.
  5. Duplications as a result of the site’s migration to a new domain if it was done incorrectly (it’s advised to perform such a change only with the guidance of a site promoter).
  6. Incorrect redirects.
  7. And more…

So How Do You Solve Content Duplication?

  • The easiest way is to avoid the problem in the first place . Setting up the site with professional guidance eliminates many complicated problems which can arise due to lack of knowledge and ignorance of the essential rules.
  • However, if the problem already exists, allow a site promoter to solve it for you. They will locate the cause and present you with the solution to the problem. Anyone planning to build a site or who wishes to advance in Google is strongly advised to hire the help of a site promoter.
  • Avoid copying texts on your site, all the more so from other sites.
  • If you still feel you must reproduce content within the site for various reasons, consult a site promoter for guidance on how to perform such reproduction without hurting your site promotion and ranking. If you don’t have a site promoter yet, try sending a temporary link from the copied page to the original (as “First Aid” only according to Google).
  • A professional site promoter will perform regulated tests to identify (malicious or naive) copying and will provide you with solutions.

We are astounded again and again to find rich and serious sites which are completely oblivious to the content duplication existing within preventing their rapid rank progression. Were they to hire the help of a good site promoter the problem would have surfaced and been professionally handled and the site would have elevated with surprising momentum.

SEO Jerusalem is an Israeli SEO company which is located in Jerusalem. We have profound experience in identifying content duplications and providing numerous creative technological solutions. In addition to English and Hebrew we specialize in German sites as well, and work in accordance to the demanding standards set by the dynamic markets abroad. If you feel you don’t have the ranking you deserve and you want to progress in Google, contact us and know that you’re in the capable hands of a serious, trustworthy and professional company.

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