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SEO in German

German businessman

SEO in German


By promoting sites in the German language, one can accomplish vast sales overseas and recruit a large number of clients – and all for minimal cost! SEO Jerusalem has the Search Engine Optimization experts to get you on Page 1 of the Search Engines with our German SEO services.

Preface: Why is German Site Promotion Needed?

In the past couple of years the world has, without a doubt, become a “Global Village”. We all feel it. Even though the majority of material on the web is written in English, and you may have a very good grasp of the English language, you still prefer to read an article in your native tongue. Accordingly, native German speakers feel the same about their own language, hence one should preferably address them in German.

Statistical Data

  • German is the second most common language on the web after English.
  • There are 100 million people whose native tongue is German (about a quarter of all Europeans).
  • 128 million people around the globe are German speakers.
  • German is the most spoken language in the European Union.

A Language of Economic Abundance

When you want to sell, you not only need to attract many clients, but also clients who are able to pay. The German client is an intelligent client who requires quality products and outstanding service, for which he is most definitely willing to pay (in Euros, naturally). The German (like the Austrian or Swiss) consumer is used to prices in accordance with the high standard of the European market, and this is exactly where you can surprise him with attractive costs (for both you and him).

Purchasing Power

As far as purchasing power, the German economy is the strongest in Europe and the fourth strongest in the world behind the United States, China, Japan, and India (in terms of gross national product). Export wise, Germany is the strongest exporter in the world (despite the strength of the Euro).

Import and Export

German speaking countries are vital importers and exporters to Israel. For example, Germany has for many years been holding the title of the second most important commerce partner of Israel, behind the United States.

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland import a diverse spectrum of products from Israel. The top of the import list is mainly comprised of chemical products, medicine, Israeli developments in the software and hardware fields, and electronic appliances. The tourist and hotel industries also benefit from approximately 300,000 German tourists each year. In contrast, the exportation of produce goods in the last couple of years drastically diminished.

In Conclusion:

When you think of promoting sites in German, you have got to understand that Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are:

  1. A group of countries holding immense economical potency. These economies utilize many products and require production technologies, export services, and support in the customer service industry.
  2. Extremely wealthy countries, with citizens who are willing to pay for a good product (but are not pushovers either…).
  3. Countries with over 100 million people, many of whom could be potential clients of yours if you just give them the opportunity to enter your site.

Your way to reach their client base is much simpler than you think. There is a need to build a website in German and to promote it in the search engines in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We at SEO Jerusalem are fluent in German and specialize in promoting sites in the German language. We establish sales sites, image sites, and sites for recruiting clients in German speaking countries. Contact us and start selling before you even know it!


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