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    SEO Course in Jerusalem

    SEO Course in Israel

    Looking for a challenging profession with high income?

    Looking for a profession that has high demand in Israel and around the world?
    Want to find a job with a future?
    Want a job fit for anywhere?
    Interested in setting your own hours?
    Study with a team of God-fearing professionals, programmers, and promoters.

    What is SEO?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the complex series of operations that are performed in order to place you in the top of the search engine results page.
    Marketing graduates will be trained to manage effectively and promote professional sites.
    The course will teach students advanced methods of promotion while getting to know the leading tools in SEO.

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    The course will teach the latest SEO methods.


    • Introduction to HTML
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Introduction to JavaScript

    Promoting Sites Organically

    • Comprehensive introduction to search engines
    • Traffic analysis, research, and optimization
    • Avoiding unacceptable methods of promotion – Black Hat SEO

    Initial Site analysis

    • Analysis, documentation, site diagrams, site status
    • Yahoo Sitemap and Google Sitemaps

    Keyword Research

    • Introduction
    • Practical Keyword Research
    • Efficient use of Keywords


    • Ways and methods
    • Backlink quality analysis
    • Link exchanging
    • Google indexing
    • Good Link Building Practices

    SEO Techniques

    • Ways to promote Flash sites
    • Sitemaps
    • Ways to promote Dynamic sites
    • Proper use of Engines and Directories
    • Costs and Benefits of Landing pages
    • Landing pages in Practice
    • Comparison and analysis of Landing pages
    • Cause and effect of URL changes
    • Ways to update and remove search engine listings

    Reputation Management

    • Tools of reputation management
    • Analysis and optimization

    Google AdWords – sponsored promotion

    • Introduction
    • Google AdCenter, AdWords
    • Google AdWords: Bills, ads, keywords and ad groups, campaigns, etc.
    • Google AdWords: Setting Goals and Objectives
    • Account types
    • Open an account at Google AdWords
    • Setting up a simple campaign
    • Creating Ad Groups
    • Creating and updating ads
    • Campaign Tracking and optimization
    • Optimization and improvement of Ads
    • Keywords analysis and improvement
    • Costs and Benefits of Content network
    • Geographical location targeting
    • Targeting ads for time of day/day of week
    • Optimizing your budget
    • Tracking Conversions
    • AdWords Editor
    • Google Analytics

    Google AdWords – sponsored promotion

    Target audience: The religious public of any age. There will be separate classes for men and women.
    No previous knowledge required.



    Between 10:00  to 18:00

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