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First On Google

Be First on Google

If you are reading this article, you probably understand that in this day and age the key to your site’s success in cyberspace is not only its beautiful design, the well written articles, or the cool features and gadgets you added. In order to truly maximize the success of your site, it is essential that your site be a top Google result. Being in the top ten is a must, and we even encourage you to strive for the best: being first on Google. This is where the money is.

Does my site need to be optimized for search engines?

Google Statistics reveal that the vast majority of users – a full 80% – who use Google to find a specific service or product find what they are looking for in the top of the first result page. Only the remaining 20% will continue looking and scroll to the bottom of the first page, and just about half of those ever move on to the second results page.

Therefore if your site is not on top of first page of the Google results, you will lose the vast majority of your potential customers. if you after that, and especially if you are listed on the second or third page, you are losing nearly all of your potential customers. They don’t even know that you exist. In other words having a commercial site out there in cyberspace without being on the first results page in Google, is almost a complete waste. For all intents and purposes, you don’t exist.

Maximizing Your Search Position Using Organic SEO and SEM

As you may know, there is a “fast track” for advancement up the Google page. This is called SEM – Search Engine Marketing, which can insure that you will be on the first result page by paying Google (or another search provider) to appear there. These results show on a yellowish or pink background on the top or side of the page. This type of promotion has a benefit over organic SEO (see below) in that it is instantaneous, and allows you to test its efficiency with Google provided tools. Nevertheless, it has its disadvantages – you will retain this high position only as long as you continue paying for it, and the truth is that users are not easily fooled, they understand that it is a paid advertisement, and that your site is in the first page because you paid and not because you earned the slot by being number one in your field.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO), on the other hand, is a process that involves improving your site by adapting it to the game rules set by Google and the other search engines that determine where in the listing order your site will appear. The process of making your site more search engine friendly includes a comprehensive analysis and tuning of your site by an experienced SEO expert. Although the results of SEO will be visible only after a few months, these results do last quite a long time. In highly competitive fields, however, you will need to continuously tweak your site to maintain your high ranking.

So which is better for me, SEO or SEM?

It probably will not surprise you that our research shows that organic results get a substantially higher number of clicks than paid results (about 80%). This is true especially in fields where the users are more likely to understand the difference between organic and paid results. The primary reason for this is the high confidence users have in the Google search engine, and its ability to deliver the perfect results.

All that said, in competitive fields, many site owners choose to combine both options: SEO and SEM, and the reason behind this is simple: It gives you the highest possible chance of owning and maintaining ownership of the most desirable real estate in the internet world – the top of the first search results page.  As we said this real estate is where 100% your potential customers show up when they need what you have, and where an incredible 80% stop their search. Giving up any piece of real estate in that location means handing those customers over to your competitors. By combining SEO and SEM, you can maximize your presence in the results page, and through that, your income.

What does SEO experts do, and why do I need their help?

The Internet is a world of its own. It is a vast and complex universe, with its own set of rules unlike anything you may be used to in the physical world. To be first on Google, you need to understand this world and its rules and to have the experience to follow them effectively.

It takes much time and effort to learn the rules, and it takes much time and effort to implement them into your web site. Therefore, unless you have the time to become your own expert and to maintain and update that expertise as the rules of the internet evolve, then you are best off hiring a professional SEO company to do what they do best – getting you high up on the Google page.

Professional SEO consultants are experts that constantly follow the dynamic changes of the web and know how to maximize the full potential out of every site. A good SEO consultant should be able to deliver results to your web site many times more than you can do yourself. And of course, if your web site is commercial, then you owe it to yourself to do all you can to maximize its search results.

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