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Google AdWords: Do I Need It?

Google AdWards: the key to success


Google AdWords is much less expensive than traditional media, it is directed only to your target market, and it can be up and running within 15 minutes. Allow us to introduce you to Google AdWords.

When speaking of search engine marketing, in general, we are referring to the Google ads that appear at the top of the search results page or on the side on a yellow or pink background. These paid results appear under a small heading that says “Sponsored Links”.

How does SEM work? If a specific web site is found far away on the second or third page, it is reasonable to assume that no one will find this site and others won’t even know that it exists. By using search engine marketing your site can receive tremendous exposure on the first page of the Google search results. Usually the payment for this service will be “pay per click”, i.e., you pay only when a user clicks on the ad and proceeds to the ad’s website. If your ad isn’t clicked on, you aren’t billed.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is appropriate for any business site that is upwardly mobile with the goal of enlarging its exposure and number of clients. In addition, sites that use Google optimization and are already found on the first page of organic search results typically engage in a paid campaign as well so as not to miss any potential customers. You can imagine that as each professional arena gets more competitive (such as cosmetic surgery, kitchens, guest cottages, etc.) the quantity of selected sites grows accordingly via search engine marketing.

How does Search Engine Marketing Work?

A search engine marketing campaign is essentially advertisement via a word search. Search engine optimization checks which of these keywords users are likely to type when they are looking for the goods or services that you are offering, and the paid advertisement that appears at the time of their search for those expressions. These keywords are defined at the time you launch the campaign.

Do you want Quantity or Quality of Traffic?

What exactly is the difference between the quantity and quality of traffic? There are sites that want to bring a large mass of visitors to them, because their revenue model is based on advertising exposure. From the standpoint of Google optimization, these sites are less concerned if a visitor purchases their goods or services. However, other sites want to create quality traffic on their site, i.e., they are targeting visitors who will visit their site and become clients.

Online Information Highway (Knowledge Stream)

Search engine marketing provides you with maximum control of the campaign that you launched by means of Google AdWords. With this scheme, you can manage the campaign and you can see the statistics of your campaign in real time. For example, you can see which keywords led to clicks, and in what time frame (day or night, and day of the week). You can also see which advertisements generated the most traffic or the most quality traffic as well as more compelling statistics. This is a great tool to analyze the effectiveness of the keywords you selected.

In Summary:

The decision of investing in search engine marketing will be the correct one in many cases. Where appropriate, search engine marketing will increase the volume of traffic to your site. As opposed to non-virtual publicity campaigns, this advertisement journey is inexpensive and very focused. However, in order for the campaign to be effective and, specifically, in order for it to contribute to your maximum profit, it is a recommended that you manage the campaign professionally and wisely.

As you can gather from our name, SEO Jerusalem, we are a search engine optimization company. In addition to SEM and SEO in English and Hebrew, we are also experts in optimizing sites in German. We open the doors to desired markets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

So if you want SEO to propel you to the first few search results and if you want to start an SEM campaign, we are the address for you. We will be happy to be partners in your success.



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SEO Jerusalem is a premium search engine optimization company, promoting websites in English, Hebrew and German SEO. Our SEO expert team provides worldwide SEO services and we serve as one of the leading companies in the Israel SEO market. Our search engine marketing strategies and our innovative SEO web development techniques are ideal for Google SEO or any other organic SEO needs. Locally – We offer Israel-wide SEO services including the cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Kiryat Shmona , Haifa and Eilat. Worldwide – we offer global campaign services to companies and organizations from all over the world. We look forward to working with you, so please feel free to contact us.


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