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Learn how Google works

If you are considering optimizing your site for Google, you should stop for a minute and try to understand how Google works. What is Google? What can Google do?  How does Google determine the quality of a site? What does it think about my site? Does Google like my site? If not, will I have to rebuild my site in order to rank higher? Once you understand how Google works, you will have the answers to all these questions.

Google is a Spider

Essentially, Google is a sophisticated machine that can evaluate hundreds of thousands of pages and factors within moments, and present them as coherent and reliable results. This machine is called a spider because of the way it “crawls” the web indexing pages and links between pages. Google determines the ranking for each site based on the information the spider collects.

The Google spider (also known as Googlebot) constantly “crawls” the hundreds of millions of sites on the internet and indexes them. Every time the spider visits a site it reads it, inspecting changes since its previous visit – how many pages were added and what was updated. The crawler will note how frequently the site is updated, and at what rate new pages are added. The site’s code is checked – is it clean or messy, the internal links between different parts of the site are checked and incoming and outgoing links are evaluated. In short, many, many parameters, but…

A Spider Only Has Eyes

Google’s spider, much like all search engine spiders, is in fact blind!! It does not see the site as we see it but rather as the blind see it, being able to read only text sections (equivalent to brail), but an image leaves the robot at a loss. The robot is aware of the existence of the image but remains oblivious to its content. In addition to being blind, Google’s spider is in fact deaf too, hence any sound effects leave no impression on it. Yet another weakness of the spider: it can not execute simple actions, natural to humans such as rolling over menus with the mouse to open them without clicking. Indeed, even the gifted have their constraints…

Understanding the spider’s restrictions deduces several conclusions relevant to advancing the rank of a site in Google:

Content Matters – A site should offer substantial content and update it regularly.

Images – Incorporating images in your site is very desirable, but beware to use them wisely and apply ALT labels which will clarify their content to the spider.

Flash and Multimedia Based Sites – Google does not understand what they exhibit since it simply doesn’t have the ability to do so. Even though it can’t index the video clips, it is profoundly impressed by sites which are rich with multimedia content and therefore advances their overall quality score.

Music – As far as Google is concerned, music is of no relevance. It neither recognizes the sounds associated with text segments nor the soundtracks of video clips in the site.

Links – Googlebot learns a great deal about web sites by examining their link formation. Using the inner links (interior site bound), it determines which pages are more significant and which are less. Using the external links (bound to exterior sites) it determines whether the site is important.

Blocks, Clogs and Traversability – This section refers to the coding of the page. If, for various reasons there are blocks which inhibit the ability of the spider to traverse between the pages it will not be able to index the entire site. This is problematic for the spider (who doesn’t enjoy reaching dead ends), and it hampers the overall impression of the site and thus hinders its ranking in Google.

Before you start developing arachnophobia – fear of spiders – remember that we at SEO Jerusalem speak “Spiderian”. We have the finest cutting edge tools to diagnose the problems which prevent your site from reaching Google’s first result page. Better yet – we will recruit the spider to your service.

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